Tuesday, June 20, 2017


The two glowing eyes were the only thing visible in his dark room. On his iPod, an old Radiohead song was playing on loop as he laid down on his small bed, refusing to move. His heart raced and he was breathing fast and heavy. On his chest sat a Kinnari, a demoness, half his size but twice as heavy, staring at his eyes unflinchingly.

At first, even he was not certain if this Kinnari is indeed real for he was too afraid to test the veracity of this claim. Whether his tolerance for its presence was due to the inconvenience of driving it away or it actually grew on him, he dared not to know. For months, he let this demoness follow him around, hold his hand, and provide solace when all was incapable of doing so. He cannot say if the demoness made him happy but he was content.

He took care of several pets in his younger years but he has never seen a creature grow with such incredible rate. The demoness who used to love clinging to his arm became heavier with each passing day, now preferring piggyback rides than walking on its legs. It was all good. He tried lifting weights and he ate more to keep up with its increasing size. He got this, he was so sure.

The demoness remained faithful to him even on that day when no one else did. Its wings enveloped him and the Kinnari vowed that no one else would lay a finger on him. The ever growing demoness, now heavier than he could ever hope to carry, held him down. Its claws dug deeply into his shins. He was bleeding profusely, his heart rate doubled, but didn't move an inch. Every night, while he sleeps, the Kinnari would go outside to hunt and gather food so that he has something to eat during the day even without having to leave his bed.

He slowly lost weight and became frighteningly pale. While he has no intention of doing so, he certainly has lost his strength to drive the Kinnari away in the unlikely event of a change of heart. With the monstrosity he created on top of him, he never felt more secure in his life.

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